Explaining Cancer to Kids: How to Tell Your Kids About Ovarian Cancer
Amy Manley
Amy Manley
May 10, 2018
A cancer diagnosis has a profound impact on the entire family and explaining cancer to kids can be difficult and scary, but these tips can help.

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Ovarian Cancer and Obesity

Ovarian Cancer and Obesity

There is a positive correlation between ovarian cancer and obesity. Obesity can shorten the cancer’s recurrence time and lead to earlier death.
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Ovarian Cancer Research

Ovarian Cancer Research

If you decide to participate in a clinical trial, you have the option to become part of a study that will evaluate the efficacy of a drug for ovarian cancer
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Life with Ovarian Cancer

Life With Ovarian Cancer

Maintaining your identity through the diagnosis, treatment and beyond is a challenge, but a challenge that proves very worthwhile.
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Healthy Foods for Ovarian Cancer

Healthy Foods for July 4th

A healthy, balanced diet is important to prevent and manage ovarian cancer. Here are some suggested foods for ovarian cancer patients to consider July 4th.
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Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

Why Do I Need Follow-Up Tests?

There’s no guarantee that your ovarian cancer is gone forever. Regular testing is the best way to prevent ovarian cancer recurrence.
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Your Teeth and Ovarian Cancer

Cancer’s Effect on Your Teeth

Women who are battling ovarian cancer are actually 8 times more likely to have hypodontia than women who do not have the disease.
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Infographic A Look at Ovarian Cancer Numbers

A Look at Ovarian Cancer Numbers

Numbers associated with ovarian cancer and its symptoms, risk factors, and survival rates.
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