10 Simple Ways to Raise Ovarian Cancer Awareness With Swag

10 Simple Ways to Raise Ovarian Cancer Awareness With Swag

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Swag

According to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, 1 in 75 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer during their lifetime. The American Cancer Society estimates there will be over 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer this year and at least 14,000 women will die from ovarian cancer.

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

The good news is rates of women being diagnosed with ovarian cancer over the past 20 years have been decreasing, and a lot of this is attributable to awareness.

The five-year ovarian cancer survival rate is more than 90 percent if diagnosed early. Awareness campaigns emphasize early knowledge of signs and symptoms and having early conversations with your doctor.

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and promotes opportunities to advance the fight against ovarian cancer. Teal is the color assigned to ovarian cancer and associated with many awareness promotional items.

Ovarian Cancer Swag

“No One Fights Alone” and “Choose Hope” are two famous universal cancer slogans. There are also a variety of others for different non-profit profit organizations working to bring about awareness, education and monetary donations for ovarian cancer research.

You can support a friend or loved the one with ovarian cancer and educate others with trademark slogans on teal wristbands and bracelets, necklaces, t-shirts, ribbons, magnets and more.


The “No One Fight Alone” wrist brands in teal is a great way to offer support to a loved one going through the cancer journey or if you are a cancer patient yourself.

These are available in different colors to help bring out awareness for other cancers as well. They are even available for sale in bulk for awareness events or fundraisers.


Ovarian cancer awareness magnets are ideal for your car, refrigerator or any other magnetic surface. They’re easily removable for cleaning, and they will hold up despite the weather.


Ovarian cancer pins are available in different forms, including an angel that provides a source of love, hope, and faith and there is also an ovarian cancer survivor pin.

These pins are great reminder hope endures. They are nickel free, lead-free and cadmium free and attached with a standard pin back.


Teal colored awareness T-shirts are a popular way to support and promote awareness for ovarian cancer. These are perfect for walks, awareness events, fundraisers and support groups.

An excellent way to express your frustration with chemo brain is with an “I Have Chemo Brain! What’s Your Excuse?” T-shirt. It’s a way to make light of the forgetfulness and confusion that are side effects from cancer treatment.

The T-shirt also makes a great gift for someone going through treatment.


Encouragement necklaces offer support and love to a loved one fighting ovarian cancer, or for yourself.

Add a ribbon charm, and you have the perfect piece of reasonably priced jewelry. The charms offer engraved words of encouragement to help you find inspiration throughout your day.

Another option is a “Prayer for a Cure” locket. It’s a beautiful silver tone, nickel free pendant with an 18-inch silver tone chain and you can add teal crystal charms.

Necklaces are a perfect gift for loved one fighting cancer or as a thank you to a caregiver.


The “No One Fights Alone” buttons say it all and are a great way to show support and bring awareness. These are perfect for fundraisers and other awareness events.


Different types of teal bracelets are a great way to show support for yourself or your loved ones through cancer. These come in bead form, with crystals and pearls, or as a wire bracelet.

Water Bottles

There are ideal for handing out and using at awareness events. They are available as a 28-ounce bottle which fits nicely in your hand.

It is perfect for anyone going through treatment and ideal for everyday use.

Key Chains

There are many varieties of ovarian cancer awareness key chains, but a fantastic option is the “What Cancer Cannot Do” key chain. The “What Cancer Cannot Do” is a poem that describes the limits that cancer has and is an inspiration for beating cancer, and the obstacles it breaks.

You can get this key chain in teal and is a good daily reminder about thinking positivity.

Tote Bags

Awareness totes are perfect for travel to getting to medical appointments. They are marked with a contemporary teal ribbon and ovarian cancer encouragement slogans.

How to Get Ovarian Cancer Awareness Swag

Cancer affects everyone, and many great organizations understand the value of awareness and sell items in support of different types of cancer. Many of these make significant donations to cancer research.

Choose Hope

Choose Hope is one of these great organizations. The idea came from three women who knew firsthand what fighting cancer was like. They started by handing out buttons to brighten people’s days and eventually turned their awareness quest into a business.

Choose Hope is a non-profit company that donates substantially to leading cancer research facilities. You can find a variety of ovarian cancer swag at their website.

The Stupid Cancer Store

The Stupid Cancer Store was founded in 2007 by a young adult cancer survivor. As a non-profit organization, its goal is to empower young people affected by cancer and make sure they have all the resources available to fight cancer and get needed support.

Fight Like a Girl Club

The Fight Like a Girl Club was created as a welcoming place for women fighting cancer and other diseases. Survivors and loved ones to come together to share their personal stories, provide encouragement, hope, and support.

They also sell ovarian cancer gear, including apparel, ribbons, and other merchandise featuring the “Fight Like a Girl” in teal color with a variety of inspiring themes. They will also personalize merchandise for your group or awareness event.


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